Hamburg Ship Evaluation Standard

Long Term Asset Value - Ship Options

Age  y 
actual OPEX p.d.  $ 
ldw t 
Gross-TC p.d. t=1 - 3  $ 
Gross-TC p.d. t ≥ 4 Ø-TC 10y  $ 
current scrapvalue $ / ldw  $ 
Inflation rate Time Charter  % 
Inflation rate OPEX  % 
Inflation rate Scrap  % 
This calculation tool is designed to give you a first overview of the function of the Hamburg Ship Evaluation Standard (HSES). For practical reason and convenience some of the parameters on this page have been predetermined or can only be chanched within limits. For a full LTAV-appraisal please refer to the broker of your choice or sworn ship appraiser. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Active Discount Rate

The interst rates based on 1. July 2009. The actualy interest rates are available at
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