Hamburg Ship Evaluation Standard

LTAV Association


Since 2009, the so-called "Long Term Asset Value" (LTAV) is available for the maritime industry to provide a newly developed ship assessment method based on a discount cash flow model, in addition to the existing valuation procedures. In particular, as a result ot the financial an economic crisis, the acceptance of this procedure increased, as more and more experts and brokers were unable to carry out the usual market valuation due to an absence of a sufficient number of representative ships.

As the "LTAV" model has already met with considerable acceptance in the national an international maritime industry in the past two years, various representatives of the maritime industry came together on September 7, 2011 to found a separate association, which promotes further developmet and dissemination of this ship assessment model.

The new club is open to further members and is based at the office of the Hamburg Shipbrokers´ Association (VHSS), Schopenstehl 15, 20095 Hamburg. If you have any questions, please contace the Chairman Mr. Bernd Holst +49 (0) 40/688 74 660 or VHSS Managing Director Dr. Alexander Geisler +49 (0) 40/32 60 82. For further information you can also use our  contact form.

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